Extra Curricular Activities

SBIOA MHSS Trichy provides vast oppurtunities for students in enhancing their talents by our well eqipped enchanting teachers. The following are Group clubs in which our students imbibe in knowlege about extra - curricular activities to express their talents. These activities are from Std. VI to Std. IX

Students of Std. III to V may choose to join the Cubs and Bulbuls. These are Junior Levels of the Scouts and Guides Movement. Students of Std. VI to VIII may join the Scouts & Guides.

JRC was started in the year 2010. the aim of this club is to promote brotherhood with one another, spirit of service to the society and to prepare todays students as prospective pride citizens of India.

This club makes awarness among students on eco friendly practices to make the best citizen of the world. Many measures are taken by our school to make their surrondings clean and greeny.

To imbibe the spirit of patriotism among the students, we established NCC in the year 2010, and currently we have 50 students on roll.This was established in our school in order to bring out the partiotism, courage, enthusiasm, justice, loyalty, integrity, tact, good command and control among the students. NCC was started in our school on 15.08.2009 with 35 cadets.

Motto: Unity and discipline.

Aim: To develope the qualities of chracter, courage, comtradeship, discipline, leadership, secualr outlook, spirit of advanture, and spotsmansihp and the ideal of selfless service among the youth to make them a useful citizen.

To crate the human resource of organised trained and motivate youth to provide leadersihp in all walks of life including the armed forces and always available for the services of the nation.

The fascinating world of Computers is integrated through our Digital Club. They dig out the newest and latest technologies like Web designing, 2-D and 3-D Animations, Pencil, Etc..,. These are taught by our teachers in computer lab.

Our students are guided by specalists in Artifical Intelligence. This club makes the students learn in advance about artificial intelligence with a kit which makes your kid intelleigent.

This club provides the oppurtunity to develop the talents in video making.

Drawing Club makes our students to develop art talents. Joinig this club enchances our students to develop in the feild of drawing.

Our craft club concentrates on Art from Waste, Recycling, Quilling, Jewllery Making. Their talents are showcased on notice boards on special occasions.


Our students Laugh, even when they feel too sick or too worn out or tired. They Smile, even when they're trying not to cry and the tears are blurring your vision. These are made through our Music club.